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When you need to go vertical, these top-loading, reinforced, and crystal clear holders are just the "ticket." Perfect for those basketball or concert tickets, auto racing passes, and of course, those company IDs that need to stay upright. Comes in slotted or with eleastic cord attached.
  • #1553 - Anti-Print Transfer keeps your card working smoothly every time you need it!
  • #1565 - This badge holder "Locks In" your insert after you attach your lanyard or vinyl strap.
  • #1550 - Vertical style is great for company ID's, trade shows or special events.
  • #1560 - Resealable holder keeps out dirt and moisture.
  • #1552 - Excellent for all types of ID's. Thick, yet soft and flexible vinyl.
  • #1555MT - Need a vertical name badge holder? Not a problem. These easy access badge holders are for you.
  • #1555CD - No assembly required. Top loading badge holder with white elastic cord attached.
  • #1557 - This vertical top loading premium grade heavy duty badge holder is durable and tear resistant.
  • #1555SL - Great for that vertical ID these badge holders have a reinforced top to accomodate your lanyard.
  • #1072 - Protect your agenda or ID with this reinforced top loading badge holder.
  • #1078 - Great for that special event this badge holder has a tuck in flap to secure your insert.
  • #1070 - This top loading badge holder is a super choice for your event.
  • #1075 - When you need a larger holder for a pit pass or event ticket.
  • #1079 - When you need more room. This badge holder takes one of our largest insert.
  • #1081 - This oversized badge holder is perfect for storing or displaying large items.
  • #1076CD - No assembly required. Top loading badge holder with white elastic cord attached.
  • #1076SL - The perfect size for your next convention or event when you have a little more information to print.