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Badge measurements are based on insert size.

Whether suits or silks, say good-bye to pinholes and clip marks in your business attire with our exclusive Magnetic Badge Holders! Wrapped in packaging that exceeds industry standards, these badge holders arrive fully assembled. Available in all of our most popular badge sizes.
  • #1473MT - Our most popular size!
  • #1173MT - Exclusively for our customers, the Magnetic Business Card Badge Holder!
  • #1273MT - Perfect size badge holder with our top of the line magnet make a perfect match.
  • #1373MT - Recommended for thicker fabrics, these best selling 3 Touch Point Magnetic Badge Holders have the holding power to stay put.
  • #1573SL-1MT - Two options! Use a lanyard or the magnet.
  • #2473MT - On a budget? Our 2 Touch Point Magnetic Badge Holder is the right touch for you.
  • #2373MT - Recommended for lighter-weight fabrics, our 2 Touch Point Magnetic Badge Holder has plenty of holding power for those lighter fabrics.
  • #2173MT - Why fumble with a marker or a pen? Just pop in a business card and you’re ready to go.
  • #1473MT-PK - When you only need a few.
  • #1173MT-PK - When a smaller number of badge holders will do the job better.
  • #1373MT-PK - Great for the smaller staff and events.
  • #1273MT-PK - Just the right amount for the smaller office.
  • #1555MT - Need a vertical name badge holder? Not a problem. These easy access badge holders are for you.
  • #1573SL-2MT  This versatile badge holder gives you the freedom to fasten it to your clothing with a magnet or wear it around your neck with a double clip lanyard.